Advice for new members

It’s been a while since there was a post on the website, but Roger has prepared the following advice for new members and I thought it was well worth sharing, for members old and new alike.



Introduction: If available, watch the new Members video; a list of new member mentors is on the noticeboard in the shed, phone them to get advice and possibly to arrange a joint outing at the Antermony. Don’tforget the Prize & Social Night at Lenzie Rugby Club. This will be on the Wednesday in March, before the season opens. It’s a great introduction to the club. Every Sunday from 10 to 12 from mid-January until the season opens on March 15th, we have work parties at the loch, anothergreat way to introduce yourself to the Club.  

Organisation of Club.   AGM in November. This is when you decide how the club is run.

Up to 260 Voting Members: Adult, Youth, Senior and Life, plus up to 60 Junior Members 

Voting Members can vote on Club matters at the AGM and are on the Boat Plan.

Voting members are also automatically voting members of the charitable Antermony Development Trust.

Junior Members, unless accompanied by a Voting Member are not allowed in boats.

Guests: £12 – must be accompanied by a member. Also sell Day-Tickets for bank fishing – £15. 

Access: see map – main road (A891) – rough road – (do not park on the rough road or adjacent farm-land) –right at fork- unlock gate – car park – lock gate behind you – park as neatly as you can.

Member’s Howf – unlock – sign in with your membership & boat number (if boat fishing), plus names of boat partners – get oars, net &drogue – dip motor in disinfectant – lock shed – unlock punt – row to mooring – pick up boat (do NOT climb from punt into the bigger boat) -tow boat in, behind punt– use the low jetty if you have safety concerns – lock up punt – go fishing. Back to jetty – unlock punt – tow boat out,behind punt – use rope in punt to pull in towing chain (so you don’t have to lean over the stern of the punt) – secure to any buoy – lock up punt to jetty (take the strain off the padlocks by also clipping the chains onto the hooks, DO NOT WRAP CHAINS AROUND STANCHION – return oarsto shed – complete Catch Return Book, noting fish killed, fish returned, don’t forget report any damaged fish & number of cormorants seen – lock shed – depart – lock gate behind you – beware fast traffic from right at main road (Open your window & listen for oncoming traffic).

Boat Plan: Each Voting Member has a boat pre-booked on four dates each Season. If you go to fish and your boat is out, check the Catch Return Book in the oar-shed to see who has taken it – ring the bonger on the jetty to call them in and ask for your boat, saying it is yours on the Boat-Plan. They must hand the boat over to you. This rarely happens and is usually resolved by taking out another boat or sharing the boat with the person who took it out first. The boat plan does not apply to Sundays, when all boats are available except during Competitions.

If you go to the loch and there are boats moored up, you may take one out to fish, but do return immediately to the jetty if the bonger sounds, to check if you are the one being called in. Only Members and guests with permits are allowed in boats. 

Club Drogues & Nets only are permitted. Clip the drogue to the short rope fixed to the bow-stern rope. Adjust the drift by moving the short-rope up or down the fixed rope. Look at the notice above the Catch Return to see how to use the drogues.

Electric outboards are permitted. Petrol outboards are NOT permitted.

Fish Basses: Do not use fabric fish basses. These can carry parasites from other waters.

Damage: Every year oars & boats are damaged, take care with them, put the oars onto the thole-pins properly and don’t throw them on the jetty. Report any damage you notice to a committee member or write a note in the Catch Book Remarks column.

Wading: Some members do not use the boats preferring to fish the bank, where thigh & waist waders, but not rolled-down chest waders,are permitted. Thigh waders and nets must be disinfected 

Security: Don’t forget your key, personal ID and Club Membership Card- equipment, boats and buildings have been vandalised in the past – always lock gates, buildings and equipment behind you, the person following you, may not be a member. If you are last off the loch at night, do not leave fishing boats at the jetty, they must be moored to the buoysand the punt locked up at the jetty. We have occasional problems with some members misbehaving, fishing illegally, taking too many fish, unpaid for guests etc. so all members must police the loch vigorously, checking permits, catches and tackle. Don’t take no for an answer, all members are expected to check permits etc. Fish thieves – either chase them off or phone the police.

Safety: Don’t go out in a boat in foul weather. Life-jackets/ buoyancy aids recommended. Juniors must wear them, if taken out in a boat. Don’t climb from one boat to another on the water. Some areas are bad for wading, so take care at all times & watch out for submerged rocks.

Fishing: READ THE RULES; a copy is on the Noticeboard – Remember this is primarily a brown trout fishery, not a rainbow stew-pond, you will have to fish canny, to catch fish and be lucky to get your limit. Fly only;(Juniors, under 12 and accompanied by a Member may spin from boats- see detailed Rules); thigh & waist waders only; no baits, spinning, mooring, anchoring, trolling, tying up when fishing. Size limit 10″ – four fish limit, with only two rainbows. Most members are carefully returning fish after catching 2 and this is improving the sport for everyone. Winter bank fishing for rainbows – read the rules in the Howf.

Competitions- Fishing is allowed up to 1pm on the day prior to competition – 7 competitions on Sundays – good fun – you learn a lot from other members – Prize giving at a Social Night in early March. 

Work Parties – Sunday mornings Jan, Feb & Mar at about 10.00 for 2 hours – after about 20 hours hard work you get a FREE Scotch pie.

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