13th June 2020

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Result of the first (socially distanced) competition of the season:
1. Gerry McEntee
2. Jim Twaddle
3. Joe Brownisky

Well done all!

Stocking went very well today thanks to this group of club members. Much appreciated folks and tight lines. for the season. Just rember C&R till next Monday 12 April.

The club competition dates for 2021 have been updated on the website. Please note that ALL competitions are subject to ongoing COVID restrictions and may be cancelled or postponed. So please check nearer the time https://www.caurnieangling.club/competitions/

If you like to gamble, well Graham reckons this is the best early season lure bar none. Someone else said it was the best in the 1980s. The classic Ace of Spades.


Today’s fly from Graham is the Popper Hopper. You can tie this fly in a variety of colours, claret often seems to work best as the sun is setting for some reason. https://youtu.be/wUBmAMMvtR8

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