9th February 2018

Constitution and Rules


1. General

1.1 These rules are binding on all Anglers. Acceptance of a permit constitutes an agreement to obey the rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as a reason for breaking them. The decision of the Committee in respect of the Rules and any penalties for breaches is final.     

At the loch, Club Committee Members are the sole arbiters of the Rules. 

1.2 The Brown Trout fishing season opens on 15th March and closes on 6th October inclusive.  Outwith this period Boats will be removed but the water remains open for Bank fishing for Rainbow Trout only.

1.3 Membership Cards and ID must be carried at all times. Any Member may ask to inspect these, the Angler’s catch and fishing tackle, and this may not be refused.

1.4 Before fishing, all Members must fill in the fishing log in the oar shed giving their name, Membership  number and boat number, if appropriate. After fishing they must complete this entry showing the number and weight of all trout killed. ‘Nil’ returns should be included.

1.5 Members should challenge any persons suspected of illegal fishing or call the police.

1.6 Junior Members, under the age of 16, must be accompanied by their Guardian Member, at all times.

1.7 Access to the Club’s waters is only by recognised roads, gates, paths and stiles. 

1.8 Anglers must not cause pollution of the club’s land and waters. All rubbish must be taken away.

1.9 Anglers must ensure that gates, sheds and the boats are secured and locked, immediately after use.

1.10 Anglers must not interfere with any plant or equipment unless authorised by the Committee

1.11 All Anglers shall have regard for the safety of themselves and others, and particular regard should be paid to the following hazards :- persons behind a casting angler, safety in boats, safety on the Floating Jetty and whenever wading or on the bank.

1.12 All persons using the Club’s boats and facilities do so at their own risk. The Club bears no liability for  injury, damage or theft occurring on the Clubs property, equipment or access roads.

1.13 Damage to Club Property / Equipment  and incidents involving personal injury should be promptly  advised to the Club Secretary or another Committee Member. 

1.14  Members shall not act contrary to the interests of the Club

2. Methods of fishing: fly-fishing only, ‘with courtesy and in the spirit of the rules’. 

2.1 Fishing shall be restricted to a single rod and line per person, with not more than four flies.

2.2 All baits, floats and spinners are prohibited.

2.3 Trout less than 10” long, from the snout to the fork in the tail, must be returned unharmed to the water.

2.4 In any calendar day, including Club Competitions, a limit of 4 fish, of which no more than two may berainbow trout, may be killed and taken by any one person. 

2.5 Only thigh-waders and waist-waders, (not rolled down chest-waders), are permitted.

2.6 Junior Members under 12 years old are permitted to fish from a boat using a spinning rod and reel with a single hooked barbless Mepp type spinner, however spinning by Adult Members is forbidden.

3.Boats: –

3.1 Voting Members are allocated four days dedicated use of a boat each season. .

3.2 If, when using a boat, you are summoned to the bank, by a Member who has that boat allocated, you must comply and surrender the boat immediately.

3.3 Members may obtain permission, in writing, to use another Member’s boat allocation. 

3.4 If a boat is not in use, then any Voting Member may use it. Boats 7 & 8 are not on the Boat Plan.

3.5 The following are prohibited: Mooring to buoys, tying up to other boats, anchoring, trolling, studded footwear in boats, outboard motors (petrol), float tubes and personal boats. 

3.6 Members in boats must not approach within forty yards of bank anglers.

3.7 Boats must be left clean and tidy after use and all rubbish taken away.

3.8 Members & Guests are advised to wear a buoyancy-aid or lifejacket. However, Junior Members must wear a buoyancy-aid, or lifejacket and be accompanied by a Voting Member at all times. See Cl 1.6

3.9 Buoys, moorings, traps, ropes etc. – Only members authorised by the Committee may move these.

3.10 Boats must not be used in very high winds.

3.11 Powered boats (electric outboards) must give way at all times to un-powered boats.

4.Competitions: – 

4.1 See separate Competition Rules


5.1 Voting members may purchase up to ten Guest-Permits per season. Members are limited to two Guests per day.

5.2 Guest-Permits : Member’s details and Guest’s name should be recorded on a Guest Envelope which should be posted in the Dedicated Post Box along with the Guest Fee. 

5.3 The Voting Member must accompany their Guest(s) at all times and use the same boat.

5.4 Members must advise their Guests of the rules and are accountable for their actions and behaviour.

6 Winter Fishing Rules

6.1 Club rules will apply, plus the following additional rules.
6.2 Bank only, fly-fishing for rainbow trout in winter.
6.3 Fishing permitted between 15th October ad 15th February inclusive.
6.4 No fishing within 50 metres of the burn mouth; ie between, the Mid-Casting platform & Floating Jetty.
6.5 Barbless or de-barbed hooks must be used.
6.6 All brown & excess rainbow trout to be released carefully and unharmed.
6.7 No more than two rainbow trout may be killed in one calendar day.
6.8 Fishing from boats is forbidden.
6.9 Non-members, ie Guests,  are not permitted to fish.
6.10 All  catches to be recorded in the Catch-Log
7  Safeguarding Policy Statement
7.1 See Safeguarding Policy Statement
8 Health and Safety Policy & Risk Assessments
8.1 See Health and Safety Policy and associated Risk Assessments






    Jim Twaddle :  President                       Brian Munro :    Secretary                   Date : 4th December 2023