6th February 2018


Club championship competitions 2021:

Please note that all competitions are subject to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and therefore may be cancelled or postponed.

  • Spring Cup – Sunday 11th April
  • Brown Shield – Sunday 9th May
  • Jewett Cup – Sunday 13th June
  • Junior Cup – Sunday 13th June
  • Summer Cup – Sunday 4th July
  • Doo Cup – tbc
  • Brown Cup – Sunday 1st August.
  • Autumn Cup – Sunday 5th September
  • Last Cast – Sunday 3rd October

These competitions are for all members (except for the Doo Cup, which is for Committee Members)

The winner of each competition will be awarded 10 points, then 9 etc till 1 point is awarded for tenth place.

The Club Champion will be the member with the highest total score from all competitions.